About Us

myEproperties was formed in May of 2002 by Concorde Financial Corporation for the purpose of offering high quality properties at an affordable price to international and domestic builders and investors. Our offerings have allowed us to make property investment accessible to our investors in a way that was not possible prior to the global development of the Internet. myEproperties is managed by a team of professionals who have over thirty-five years of experience in U.S. real estate and holdings.

We are knowledgeable in every aspect of purchasing land, including zoning, utilities, as well as access and restrictions. Concorde Financial Corporation is a company in good standing with high standards of business ethics.

We are pleased to offer vacant parcels ranging in size from ¼ acre standard building lots to 640 acres in various states across the United States. By selling a high volume of property, we are able to sell to our clients at a price much lower than that of conventional real estate acquisitions.  We further accommodate our investors by offering various payment methods and financing options to suit every individual.  A substantial portion of our available inventory is land located in Florida.

Concorde Financial Corporation is dedicated to providing you, the investor, with a satisfactory transaction at all times.  We take pride in making sure our investors are completely satisfied.  We sincerely hope you are pleased with your purchase.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  Our friendly staff will assist you quickly and professionally.

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