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Financing Opportunities

Concorde Financial Corporation is pleased to provide attractive financing alternatives once you have selected the property of your choice.  A down payment is required with each purchase and we offer a “fixed” interest rate insuring you that the rate will not increase during the financing period you select.  Concorde Financial Corporation also owns and personally finances all available properties, eliminating additional buyer expenses, including points and closing costs.

The following examples explain the financing options:

Financing Option A:  Agreement for Deed                   Financing Option B:  Interest Free Agreement

              $20,000 (Purchase Price)                                         $20,000 (Purchase Price)
    less  $ 2,000 (10% Down)                                        less  $ 8,000 (40% Down)
              _________________                                                 ________________

              $18,000 (Total Financed)                                           $12,000 Interest Free Agreement
              $289.33 (Monthly Payment)*                                      $149.73 (Monthly Payment)*

              * Note: Amortization schedule                                   *Note:  All payments applied directly to principal

Note:  There is no prepayment penalty with either option.
Amortization schedule is based on simple interest until paid in full